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JAG Fanfic

Welcome to my JAG fanfiction page. Most of this has a focus on Harm and Mac and their relationship (or lack thereof), but you'll find a few non-shipper stories here as well as the Elemental series, which focuses on the Rabb and Webb dynamic. If you're interested, I have made some JAG collages here and you can find my reviews of season 9 and 10 over here. Hope you enjoy! As always, feedback is appreciated at seemag1@yahoo.com or my LJ.

Disclaimer: All characters., etc., are own by DPB and CBS and other people who aren't me. No profit or infringement intended.



Five Things Clayton Webb Would Like To Do, But Hasn't (15k) The title says it all, includes events that happened through season 10.

Stand Alones

Chasing Shadows (41k) Harm tries to talk to Mac one more time. Set right after "Shifting Sands", but four months before "Secret Agent Man".

Home for the Holidays (14k) Mac and Harm spend their first (or tenth, depending on who you ask) Christmas together.

In Winter Light (59k) Jennifer Coates spends the holidays with the gang from JAG. Set during season 9 and includes spoilers up to "A Merry Little Christmas."

Resignation (3k) Harm contemplates his relationship with Mac. Set in the early part of season 10

Worth Saving (80k) "There's nothing paranormal about matters of the heart." Mac meets a former FBI agent with whom she has much in common with. JAG/X-Files crossover.

Codas/Missing Scenes

By the Sea (10k) Missing scene from "Hail and Farewell II"; what exactly did Harm and Webb talk about on the beach?

Comfort and Joy (19k) An episode coda to "A Merry Little Christmas." Harm and Mattie have a talk. This can be considered a prequel to Midnight Clear.

Every Road (25k) Harm brings dinner. Mac makes a surprising suggestion. Set after "JAG:San Diego" and "A Shooting at the Mosque."

Midnight Clear (13k) An episode coda to "A Merry Little Christmas." Mac has a thing or two on her mind. Includes some spoilers. This story can be considered a sequel to "Comfort and Joy"

The Forest for the Trees (49k) A now AU coda to "A Tangled Webb" -- includes spoilers. Harm/Mac.

Need (8k) Coda to "JAG: San Diego"; Mac returns Harm's phone call.

Nostalgia (16k) A follow-up to "Secret Agent Man" and set just before "The One That Got Away". Harm returns from the Philipines. Harm/Mac.

Paths of Water (12k) A missing scene from "Ice Queen." Includes spoilers for that ep. Mac & Harm friendship.

The Rain Must Fall (13k) An coda to "A Tangled Webb II" -- includes spoilers. Harm/Mac.

A Simple Thing (9k) An episode coda to "Lifeline." Harm can't sleep. Second person POV. Harm/Mac.

The Two Sides of Fate (36k) The series ended with a coin flip. Where will Mac and Harm end up? San Diego or London? Codas to "Fair Winds and Following Seas."

The Elemental Series

Fire (24k) An episode coda to "Secret Agent Man." Harm & Webb.

Earth (19k) "Maybe the joke is on me, that all of these years I thought I'd figured Harmon Rabb out, I've been wrong all along." Harm & Webb. Sequel to Fire

Air (48k) "I've always wondered what freedom smells like, what it means to breathe it in." Harm & Webb. Part of the Elemental series. The sequel to Earth.

Water (15k) "Most people would consider JAG much safer than the CIA, but knowing you as I do, trouble is sure to follow you wherever you go." Part of the Elemental series. The sequel to Air.

Element (19k) "The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."

Standing Still (18k) Webb returns to make Rabb a tempting offer.

Reunion (21k) Webb and Rabb meet up in London. Set post-series finale.


Beginnings (3k) A drabble, set right after "Hail and Farewell."

Everything (2k) A drabble. A missing scene from "A Tangled Webb." Harm's POV. Includes spoilers for that ep.

Sentimento (2k) A drabble. A missing scene from "The Mission." Harm/Mac.



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