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All of these sites are quite good, but there are some that are a definite "must visit" and rank among my favorite sites. I've separated these sites out into "recommended" categories. Sites are added to this list as I come across them. I pick sites because of the enjoyment or informational factor. If I link to you, I don't expect a link back, though one would be appreciated. The same is true of the reverse -- I do not always provide a link-back to sites that link to me.

Please note that unbound is not responsible for the content on any of these sites; these are merely some recommendations and the webmasters of these sites may change their content at any time. These links were last verified in October 2017.



Recommended Fanfiction Authors

D'Alaire Incredibly richly plotted and drawn A/U stories. Prepare for long and satisfying readss. Recommendations: "The Word Painter" and "Guerdon".

Jemima's Trek Jemima is an incredibly clever and witty writer, able to zing little epiphanies at the reader. "The Museum" is excellent but "The Lamne'rau" and "The Dance" are my personal favorites.

Leslie's Library Leslie Sholly's "X-Files" fanfic. Some of the most beautifully drawn, character-driven fanfic I've read in a while. Start with "Actof Contrition," but they are all wonderful.

RJ Anderson RJ skillfully spans Harry Potter, Trek and Dr. Who, but it's her X-Files fics that I admire greatly. She writes Mulder and Scully ith an unerring eye and gets the details exactly right. May I suggest "Possessions"?

Rocky's Road to Voyager Rocky has a handle on Janeway like no one else. Her fic is incredibly detailed with some of the best characterizations of the Janeway/Chakotay relationship I've seen on the web, but she's also written fic in other Trekdoms as well. I highly recommend the "Homeward Bound Series" and "Five Things That Never Happened to Kira Nerys."

Yahtzee's Fic Yahtzee is one of those rare and compelling writers who manages to not only write stories that make sense and stay true to character, but are infused with a great emotional quality that makes it impossible not to feel something by the time you reach 'the end'. "Given Up" is one of my favorites.


General Fanfiction and Rec Archives

Archive of Our Own Lots and lots of fanfic

JAWS Lots of pictures, an episode guide, fanfiction & lots of Dax/Worf multimedia, including a terrific tribute to Jadzia.

The Other Side X-Files recs and I really like the Crypt Keeper's taste; I've found some of my favorite XF stories here, and oh yes, a couple of mine are also featured on this site.

Terry Farrell Viva Forever A page with lots of information on Terry Farrell plus a tribute to Jadzia Dax & W/D fanfic.

To Enrich the Klingon Spirit A fanfic site specifically for Klingon-related fiction

Virtual Voyager Season Eight An ambitious project aimed at picking up where "Endgame" left off. Complicated storylines, character development, a nifty new alien species and showcased beautifully. Oh yeah, I've got an ep or two here.

Wayne's This and That Site includes one ST: DS9 novel and three X-Files novels and more DS9 links than you can possibly visit in a week.

The Writer's Corner A great site with lots of "Voyager" and "DS9" fanfic, plus links to other writing/fanfic sites.

X-Men Ficathon Index Where the stories from the 2004 and 2005 X-Men ficathon live, soon to be joined by stories from 2006. A must visit for X-Men fen.




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