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All of these sites are quite good, but there are some that are a definite "must visit" and rank among my favorite sites. I've separated these sites out into "recommended" categories. Sites are added to this list as I come across them. I pick sites because of the enjoyment or informational factor. If I link to you, I don't expect a link back, though one would be appreciated. The same is true of the reverse -- I do not always provide a link-back to sites that link to me. If you're curious about bloggers I like, you can find links to them on the sidebar to my blog. Enjoy!

Please note that unbound is not responsible for the content on any of these sites; these are merely some recommendations and the webmasters of these sites may change their content at any time. These links were last verified on August 7, 2004. New links added June 254, 2006.



Recommended Creative Writing Sites

Onmag.com - A poetry/short story/photography online magazine. Vibrant and attractive design. Submissions accepted. Enjoy.

Dalityapi: A Poetry Folio - Philippine \ Filipino poetry, typography, and website design ritualised in print and cyberspace. A monthly poetry publication, poetry news, submissions, and literary links. Slow to load, but it's worth the wait.

Wilmington Blues - Wilmington Blues exists to promote and publish literary arts in the form of short stories, poetry and essays.

Sulekha - An online community for writers of South Asian descent or for those interested in South Asian writing.

Word Weave Creative Writing Web - This site features an intriguing concept - stories and poems written around a theme. This site is owned by Susan.

Stirring : A Literary Collection - Stirring is a monthly, online literary collection of scripts, short stories, and around ten poems each issue. Stirring also offers free literary critiques and link exchanges.


Creative Writing Sites

Poem Kingdom Web-based poetry contests, cash prizes, online publication, critique forums, Critic of the Month Award, writing tips and quotes, lowdown on contest scams, so much more.

Bikwil the home of quiet enthusiasms, where its contributors celebrate in essay, art or poem whatever beguiles them. Content includes material on language, literature, music, nature, the performing arts, hobbies and science, plus a generous helping of humour.

The Mad Prince of Compton A literary pharmaceutical meticulously concocted to meet your sublime needs. Containing a cornucopia of original short stories and more, available for your mental satisfaction.

Storyteller Home to Amy Crawshaw's short stories and also accepts submissions.

The Easy Life Site Contains poetry, articles, links and useful info.

Storymania Showcase your writing and receive feedback from around the world. A free service that publishes all types of works for people to read and comment.

The Phoenix Formerly "The Short Story Workshop." Lots of great short stories, writing tips and awards. Please note that this site is no longer accepting submissions.

The Library Poetry, fanfiction (not Star Trek) and links to writing sites.


Recommended Fanfiction Authors

Alex Voy's Voyager Odyssey Alex is an amazing Voyager author (who also has made brief forays into other Trekdoms), with perfect grasp of dialogue, plot and character. "Perspective" and "Resonance" are among my favorites of Alex's fic.

EJ Andrews' Voyager Stories aka the home of Penny Proctor. It's all in the details and Penny's Voyager fic is some of the most beautifully drawn around. Try "A Little Diversion," "I Will Come Again My Love" and "Shaking It Off" for starters.

Jemima's Trek Jemima is an incredibly clever and witty writer, able to zing little epiphanies at the reader. "The Museum" is excellent but "The Lamne'rau" and "The Dance" are my personal favorites.

Jenn's Indulgence If you like angst and general torturing of Tom Paris, then this is the place to be - no one does it better than Jenn. All pairings from Voyager and probably a few you hadn't thought of; it's all worth the visit. "In the Space of Seven Days" is highly recommended.

Kelly's Janeway Fanfiction Kelly writes amazing fanfiction, all with a focus on Janeway. These fics are edgy, compelling, and angsty must-reads. I recommend "Visitor," "Courses" and "Stimulation."

Leslie's Library Leslie Sholly's "X-Files" fanfic. Some of the most beautifully drawn, character-driven fanfic I've read in a while. Start with "Actof Contrition," but they are all wonderful.

Lori's Fanfic Lori is one of the best TNG writers out there. She has a witty take on all characters, plus manages to make an unusual pairing - Picard/Troi - very believable. Her stories are fun to read and always addictive. Top picks: "Sometimes Sunshine" and "One Leave on Risa."

Matt Edward's Fanfic Site Matt's DS9 fanfic is dark, deep and always revealing. I suggest "Waiting" and "Returning Home."

The Medicine Wheel Home to Minisinoo's X-Men fanfic. Minisinoo takes time to develop characters and create compelling storylines. Sleepy Dragon" is a personal favorite, but "An Accidental Interception of Fate" should not be missed either.

Mirror Dance It would be remiss not to point out the Inimitable Miss Barr who has a way with words that I envy greatly. All of her fics are beautifully written, but "Liminal State" and "Doing Fine" are personal favorites.

Morgan Stuart's Fanfiction Morgan is one of those authors who really knows how to go for the emotional jugular. She writes beautiful descriptive but sparse prose -- an apparent contradiction in terms, but Morgan doesn't waste words and every detail matters. I highly recommend "Warmth", "Survivor's Epitaph" and "The Mention That I Miss."

RJ Anderson RJ skillfully spans Harry Potter, Trek and Dr. Who, but it's her X-Files fics that I admire greatly. She writes Mulder and Scully ith an unerring eye and gets the details exactly right. May I suggest "Possessions"?

Rocky's Road to Voyager Rocky has a handle on Janeway like no one else. Her fic is incredibly detailed with some of the best characterizations of the Janeway/Chakotay relationship I've seen on the web, but she's also written fic in other Trekdoms as well. I highly recommend the "Homeward Bound Series" and "Five Things That Never Happened to Kira Nerys."

Sabine's X-Files Page A site with a great collection of 'shipper fanfic both from the site owner and from others. Some of the best "X-Files" fanfic I've read on the web - angsty and with a keen sense of humor. Try her novel "Everyone Have A Good Time" for starters. For Voyager, try "The Year of Hell Logs" and anything in her "West Wing" or "Sports Night" collection.

Sara Goose A new and wonderful voice in the world of DS9 fanfiction, Sara's fanfic has a way of turning conventions around. Personal favorites include "Mission Within" and "Another Glance

The Snowleopard's Lair Paula has a wonderful collection of DS9 fic, much of it focusing on Bashir. Paula's stories are intelligent and thoughtful, but she also has plenty of "fun" fanfic here too. There's very little here that isn't great. Recommendations: "Triage," "Last Stop on the Barcelona Metro," "Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor," and "Santa's Little Trolls."

A Star Trekker's Almost Paradise Try Carrie's "Time Destined" fanfic because temporal mechanics is so hard to get right and Carrie does it so well. And when you're done with that, check out some of her excellent poetry.

Trekgirl's Fanfic Annie M has to be one of my favorite Voyager writers and the first one to really make P/T memorable for me. Everything here is wonderful, but especially worth the jaunt over is "Inner Landscape" and "A Question of Conduct" as well as "Harbour Lights."

Trillgirl's Worf/Dax Shrine Where Trillgirl keeps her fic. Just when I think it can't get better, she out-does herself. She's a brilliant author. espite being a WiP, try "Death Avenged, Honor Restored." This is what fanfic is all about.

Una McCormack's Page Home of Una McCormack. Features her DS9 fanfic with a focus on Garak and Una definitely has Garak's voice down perfectly. Try dark and sinister "The Executor" to start and then work your way through the rest of her fanfic.

Yahtzee's Fic Yahtzee is one of those rare and compelling writers who manages to not only write stories that make sense and stay true to character, but are infused with a great emotional quality that makes it impossible not to feel something by the time you reach 'the end'. "Given Up" is one of my favorites.


General Fanfiction and Rec Archives

The Best of Trek Fanfic Site A collection of fanfic from all four series, considered the best by the owners. I'm quite honored to say some of my fic is featured here.

Bright Shiny Objects Another multifandom rec site run by some very excellent people. Have I mentioned how much I love these? And of ourse, it doesn't hurt that they have a story of mine on there.

dancing about architecture Formerly "1001 Cold Showers: Shirasade's Favorite Adult Fanfiction." A rec site specifically for adult fanfiction. You'll find fics from VOY, Buffy and other fandoms listed here. I admit to being biased: one of my "Gladiator" fics is listed on this site.

The Data Annex Fan Fiction Archive An all fandom fan fiction archive with crossovers. Submissions welcome.

The Dawn: The Dax and Worf Nook Pictures, sounds & videos of our favorite couple. Hasn't been updated in a while, but still worth the visit.

DS9 Encyclopedia & Lexicon A great resource for fanfic writers. Plus some of the best Odo fanfic I've found on the 'net. Check it out

JAWS Lots of pictures, an episode guide, fanfiction & lots of Dax/Worf multimedia, including a terrific tribute to Jadzia.

Glass Onion The original in meta discussion and also home to many talented writers. You'll find fics from many series, many of them with an interesting take on characters and style. Worth taking a look at it if you're needing some creative inspiration..

Our Boys The very best in "West Wing" and "Sports Night" fanfic. There is some great stuff here, folks - all pairings, all ratings. A good place to get started.

The Other Side X-Files recs and I really like the Crypt Keeper's taste; I've found some of my favorite XF stories here, and oh yes, a couple of mine are also featured on this site.

Come meet the dark side of fic, namely the Chakotay/Seven fanfic archive and also the homepage for the mailing list.

Project S31 Fanfiction dealing with the covert operations of Section 31. I'd tell you more, but...

Terry Farrell Viva Forever A page with lots of information on Terry Farrell plus a tribute to Jadzia Dax & W/D fanfic.

To Enrich the Klingon Spirit A fanfic site specifically for Klingon-related fiction

Virtual Voyager Season Eight An ambitious project aimed at picking up where "Endgame" left off. Complicated storylines, character development, a nifty new alien species and showcased beautifully. Oh yeah, I've got an ep or two here.

Virtual Voyager 7.5 A group of talented writers are rewriting the last half of Voyager's season 7 and taking it further. Intricately plotted, great writing and terrific characterization. Definitely an edge of the seat read.

Wayne's This and That Site includes one ST: DS9 novel and three X-Files novels and more DS9 links than you can possibly visit in a week.

The Worf Dax Fanfic Archive A collection of Worf/Dax fanfic from around the web.

The Writer's Corner A great site with lots of "Voyager" and "DS9" fanfic, plus links to other writing/fanfic sites.

X-Men Ficathon Index Where the stories from the 2004 and 2005 X-Men ficathon live, soon to be joined by stories from 2006. A must visit for X-Men fen.

zendom Find the fandom within. Every other Tuesday/Wednesday, stop by to check out witty and amusing articles about fandom, including fic recs and author interviews. Brought to you by the rowdy folks at the zendom mailing list.


Miscellaneous Recommended Links

September 11, 2001 A site hosted here on seema.org; poetry, essays and short stories dedicated to that awful Tuesday.

The Official Sarah Brightman Site The home for the latest news on this singer, including some video downloads and concert information.

The Richard III Society The definitive website on this very, very misunderstood king, including a "whodunit" which examines the traditional suspects in the death of the princes in the Tower, as well as adding another one entirely.Hindunet A valuable resource guide for Hindus and those curious about Hinduism in general.

Texas A&M - I received my MBA here. Call me crazy, but it was this persuasive website that pushed me over the edge here to accept their offer of admission.

zminutemen - yes, my alma mater. Lovely place. I send them checks several times a year; I can't help it - I'm profoundly grateful.

tudorhistory.org - The most amazing site on the Internet for Tudor history. Includes biographies of the Tudor monarchs, the Six Wives of Henry VIII, plus plenty of pictures and a pen-pal listing. A must visit for any lover of Tudor history.

Sarahfsk -- home of a good friend of mine. Book reviews, recipes, all sorts of fun stuff here.

Righteous Fury - My brother's website. Go, be awed or frightened - but you'll never be the same again.

Cydwaze.org This is Paul's homepage, complete with photographs, essays and more.

GaramChai.com This well-organized site is a one stop portal for those of Indian descent in the US, featuring book reviews, book lists and other relevant information.

The home page of the British Monarchy Keep up to date on the latest goings on the world's most dysfunctional family.


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