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X-Men Fanfic

Here is my X-Men fanfiction, based on the movieverse, not the comicverse. I'm a fan of Scott/Jean and so the emphasis here is on those characters, though other characters do pop up here and there. Hope you enjoy! As always, feedback is appreciated at seemag1@yahoo.com.


Faultlines (226k) "Our geography has changed, shifted, and perhaps we'll never fit together the way you remember us." A response to Minsinoo's power-swap challenge. Set before and through X1. Scott/Jean, hint of Logan/Jean.

Awakening (23k) Xavier realizes the most dangerous threats could very easily come from those he knows the best. Gen.

The Feeling I Had (10k) Post-X2 vignette. Scott/Jean, hint of Logan/Jean.

In the Dark of the Night (3k) The movie challenge drabble. X1. Hint of both Scott/Jean and Logan/Jean.

The Nearness of You (30k) Scott has a surprise for Jean. Set between the X1 and X2. Assume minor spoilers for the latter.

On the Open Road (3k) A song lyric drabble; pre-X1, no spoilers. Scott/Jean

Renaissance (WiP) Prologue I It's been 18 months since the events at Alkali Lake and everyone, including Scott Summers, has moved on with their lives. The Mutant Registration Act is a reality. And Jean Grey, back from the dead. Phoenix. Hint of Scott/Jean, Scott/other, Jean/other. This is a WiP; chapters are being posted on an ongoing basis here and will eventually make their way here.

Resurrection (11k) A drabble series written in seven parts, covering the end of X2. The series can be read as a whole or in their individual parts: Rise (Jean), Ripple Effects (Xavier), Notification (Scott), Affirmation (Storm), Linger (Logan), Shadow Dance (Bobby/Rogue) and Faith (Kurt).

Reunion (8k) post-X2 vignette. Jean Grey has come back, but things have changed. In more ways than one.

Sure Enough A Fourth of July picnic and a question. Scott/Jean. Set before the first movie.

Without (11k) Post-X2 Scott vignette Second Place, 2003 X-Day Awards - Ficlets

A Word in Private (16k) Set before the first X-Men movie, Scott and Jean have a conversation.

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