By Seema

Author's note: Set sometime in early season 10.

Disclaimer: Characters and places belong to DPB.


He's been thinking about moving on a little more every day. It's not that he's stopped caring or hell, even loving her; it's more of a feeling of resignation, that what he's hoped for will never happen. At night, after Mattie's in bed, and he sits alone in his living room, strumming his guitar idly, he replays each Mac-encounter of the day in careful detail. He analyzes each conversation, hand gesture, and facial expression. He remembers what Mac told him how destructive over-thinking relationships can be. Truth be told, she actively pushes him away and doesn't accept his hints. *Obvious* hints, Mattie and Coates both tell him. He wonders if Mac is gun-shy or oblivious; perhaps both, Bud suggests. One person alone can't hold a relationship together, Harm knows.

As each day passes, as he grows more and more resigned to 'just being friends', it gets easier to think about calling Alicia Montes.

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