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X-Files Fanfic

Welcome to my "X-Files" Fanfic page. Here are my little dabbles into the world of Mulder and Scully, most of this is post-series because what comes after the X-Files is just as fascinating to me as what came during the X-Files. Characters and places belong to Chris Carter and 1013 Productions; no profit or infringement is intended. Feedback is very much welcomed and appreciated at seemag1@yahoo.com. Most of these stories include 'bookcovers', which I had a lot of fun making. Credits for some of the Photoshop elements used can be found here. Hope you enjoy!

Stand Alones


Thirty Miles North (22k) A house is just a house except when it isn't. Told in 5 acts. Season 11 fic. Language warning.

Post Series Fic

Mosaic (17k) Why can't all the pieces of her life fit together, just once?

Another Day (13k) Another hotel room, another day on the run. Sequel to Mosaic

When Stars are Bright (17k) She was tired of eating food from the Seven-Eleven. Sequel to Another Day.

I'm Not Really A Waitress (53k) The pain of the truth means some dreams may never have a chance. Sequel to When Stars are Bright.

In Pace (28k) post-series vignette. A warm, sunny afternoon in Lake Tahoe. A sequel to I'm Not Really A Waitress.

Compass (178k) The truth was a harsh compass. Post series, pre-XF2 movie.

Five Things Scully Keeps in Her Beside Table (9k) Exactly as the title says. Post-series.

Fragile (36k) Post-colonization. "She shines in a world full of ugliness, she matters when everything else is meaningless."

In Trutina (23k) Doggett receives a postcard. Doggett/Reyes with shades of MSR. Takes place several months after the events in "The Truth".

The Practice of Running (24K) There are so many ways to disappear. Post-series, pre-movie (XF2).

The Quality of Light (19k) Is it an X-File, or a romantic getaway for Christimas, or just a distraction for what bothers them most? Set post-series. (also known as "Christmas Lights")

Stronger Than Death (15k) "We can risk it," I told Mulder. "We have a choice to make." Post-colonization.

Where the Heart Is (22K) "I could be someone more than just the man you come home to." Missing scene from "I Want to Believe". Spoilers ahoy for the series and the second XF movie.

Worth Saving (80k) "There's nothing paranormal about matters of the heart." Scully meets up with a Marine JAG lawyer with whom she has a lot in common with. JAG/X-Files crossover.


Accession (9k) "There's a reason all of the paths we took led to this very moment." post 'all things'

Chiaroscuro (24k) Doggett makes a visit down to New Orleans to see Reyes. Set after "Deadalive."

Imagination (21k) A midnight chat. Takes place right after "Never Again" and just before "Momento Mori."

What Is (38k) A coda to "Requiem."

Stand Alones

Doing Fine (47k) "Occasionally, it occurs to her she's now only one person away from being completely alone." Set after "William" but before "The Truth."

Jackalopes (30k) Scully and Mulder head to Opal, Wyo., in search of the mythical jackalopes. A little bit of pre-election silliness.

A Sure Thing (10k) Mulder sits down to do his taxes. Challenge response. Set season 8.

Towards Infinity (42k) "You're not alone in your search, Mulder." Takes place during and after the episode "Zero Sum."


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