In the Dark of Night

By Seema

Author's note: A response to the xmen_100 challenge: Nightmares/sleep/insomnia and/or incorporate a line from a major motion picture. Movie incorporated is "A Few Good Men." Double chocolates go to Jean. Set during the first movie.


Jean thinks of him at night in a haze of guilt-induced insomnia. Sheets tangled around her body, her heart racing, she stirs restlessly. She can't erase his words, now burned on her mind, though she wants and needs to.

You can't handle the truth.

The words beat in time with the rhythm of her heart. She understands the difference between love and lust and the fact she knows the distinction comforts her. Still she knows that he is right. As she lies next to the man she's promised her life to, she pleads with Logan to stop haunting her dreams.

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