On the Open Road

By Seema

Disclaimer: Marvel Comics, not mine. Pre-X1. No spoilers.

Author’s note: Written for the X_Men100 song lyric challenge. Exactly 100 words, so chocolates to Scott.


A faded blue-denim sky above, the cool whip of wind on our backs, and nothing but the open road, just the two of us. The motorcycle road trip had been Jean’s idea.

"Let’s just go," Jean whispered. We left just after dawn. I loved feeling Jean’s arms around me, her chin occasionally resting on my shoulder. We didn’t have a map, but for once, I wasn’t nervous; I kept driving and Jean kept holding on.

"Want to keep going?" I asked at lunch.

Jean smiled. As afternoon melted into evening, I knew then it would be a life long thing.


Song used is Tori Amos’"A Sorta Fairytale." Lyrics can be found here: http://www.tophitsonline.com/lyrics.php?songid=46

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