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About Seema

Why I write:

I love telling stories. My first story ever was a Halloween story, written when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I still have it, along with many other stories and poems which I hope will never ever see the light of day (I have them saved in several boxes in my closet for nostalgic purposes). I credit my love of the written word to my grandfather who wrote beautiful letters. I still believe in the art of writing letters; nothing seems quite as comforting or as personal as a handwritten note. I also write because sometimes I feel the need to examine a situation and the only way I can make sense of something is if I write it down first and then try to dissect my original intent.


For my original fiction, I draw heavily from real life; nearly all of the stories have some kind of basis in reality, whether it be the characters or the particular situation. I also enjoy history a great deal and a couple of my stories are historical in nature for that reason. I prefer the short story genre and I'm particularly enamoured of flash fiction -- the very short short story. I have also written some poetry, though it's not my preference. My original fiction is no longer archived here for reasons of publication. However, my personal favorite fanfiction stories include:

If you want to know more about my writing, you can read the "Impact on Fandom Survey" I did with Rocky several years ago. It is here.

Fannish activities:

I once maintained the Worf/Dax Fanfic Archive; it is no longer updated and was thankfully saved by the wonderful folks at Reocities. It was my great honor to serve as the Awards Coordinator for the ASC Awards for the 2002-2004 Awards seasons. The ASC Awards are among the longest running fanfic Awards online and I believe, the only one that is feedback-based; if you are a Trek writer, I encourage you to become a part of the ASC community.

Where to get fresh fic and archiving:

All of my fanfiction is posted here on the site. If you wish to receive my Voyager fanfic through email, please sign up for the DQ Voyages Mailing List. My other Trek fanfic is also occasionally posted on Enterprise and Beyond as well as at ASC. Non-Trek fanfic is usually available only on my website and LJ, though depending on my mood, occasional fics make it to other archives, including fanfiction.net, and/or mailing lists. I can be very slow about posting fic to other places other than my site, so check here for new arrivals first. However, I do not email stories to individuals unless for archiving purposes. If you want to archive my fic, feel free. Just drop me a note to let me know where your website is so I can visit.

What kind of warnings do you put on your fics?

In a nutshell, none. The vast majority of the fic on this site is rated PG-13 or less. In general, you're going to find very little in the way of adult situations or slash or death or anything else people may or may not find offensive. If I do cross the line into R-territory, there is a reason for it, and I'll slap a rating warning on the summary just because it's so unusual. However, please don't expect much more information than that. I don't like to give away details that may or may not give away the story. As a writer, I like to keep a thing or two to myself (g) so you, as the reader, are surprised. You can read more about my philosophy on this subject over here.

Help, I need a beta:

I'll be honest, I have my plate full with the current people I beta for and they always take priority as I've had formed long-standing relationships with them. In addition, they beta for me, so when they ask for my help, I tend to move reciprocal betas to the top of my list. That being said, email me and if I have time, I'd be more than happy to help out. A word of warning: I go line-by-line and I flag anything I see and I don't necessarily have time to point out the things I like. In other words, if someone is looking for an 'amen' corner beta or an "I loved this!" type or lots and lots of praise and ego-boo, I'm not your gal -- I can be a very harsh beta. I'll point out what needs fixing, how to fix it, and I don't mince words. Just remember, the comments are about the story, not about you. Still sound good? Email me!

Help! I need hosting:

I used to host other writers on this site, but unfortunately, due to time constraints, I no longer can unless you are responding to either the OPI Nailpolish Challenge or submitting to the 9/11 site. My links section includes some sites which host work by other authors. You might also consider researching some free webhosts; starting your own website gives you more control over your own work so it may be a very attractive alternative for you.

About the website:

The website is currently maintained by yours truly and was created using Dreamweaver MX and Photoshop. Web hosting and domain are provided by my brother.

How can I contact you:

Feel free to email me at seemag1@yahoo.com; I do my best to answer every email that comes my way.

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