The challenge is simple. Head over to the OPI Nailpolish site and check out any of their fantabulous colors and then write a fic based on one of the nailpolish titles. Any fandom, any pairing, any genre, any rating, anything at all - whatever the muse wishes. The results are below (these are all external links. Hit the back button to come back to this site to read more of the fantastic fic). If you wrote an OPI fic and want it archived here, please drop me a note. Enjoy!

Alpine Snow by ragpants(Voyager)
Bubble Bath by DianeB (Voyager)
Chick Flick Cherry by Lilla (JAG)
Dusk Over Cairo by kbk (Highlander)
Grand Canyon Sunset by kbk (Harry Potter)
I'm Not Really a Waitress by Seema (X-Files)
Mata-dore Red by Elise (Voyager)
NLM03 by Dan (DS9)
Nomad's Dream by Ventura33 (Voyager)
Not So Bora-Boring Pink by Rocky (Voyager)
OPI Nailpolish Challenge by Kaala12 (Voyager)
Pistol-Packin' Pink by monkee (TNG)
Russian to a Party by kbk (X-Files)
Shanghai Shimmer by Ventura33(TOS)
Up the Amazon Without a Paddle by Sara Goose (Voyager)
Note: OPI Nailpolish is a trademark of OPI. No profit or infringement intended.
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