By Kaala12

Author's Note: For reasons best explained the name of the polish is at the end of the story. Don't cheat! Read the story in the proper order! Let me know what you think!


Seven stood at the captain's door. She was not quite within reach of the motion detector sensor and was not quite sure if she should ask the captain for her help in another social graces lesson. While the doctor was well meaning in his attempts to introduce her to the social graces of the day she somehow knew this question was not one she should ask him. The doctor been more than a little abrupt with her in recent meetings and she suspected that he was a little upset that she had embarked on a more personal relationship with Commander Chakotay.

As Seven pondered whether she should go in or not the question was answered for her. The captain began to exit her cabin and almost ran right into her.

"Seven! What are you doing standing outside my door?" The captain asked as she struggled to hold onto the piles of computer pads she was cradling in her arms.

"Captain" Seven tried to formulate her question but she found to her great surprise that the question she needed to ask the Captain was suddenly difficult to formulate. And to make matters worse she could feel her face suddenly getting hot.

Kathryn looked at Seven's face getting redder and redder. She realized that the doctor's latest adjustments to Seven's Borg implants had taken effect but it was still interesting to see Seven's normally slightly arrogant expression suddenly becoming sheepish and red. She turned to and walked back into her cabin motioning for Seven follow her. Dropping the pads on her table she waved her hand towards the couch. Seven sat down. Kathryn headed towards the replicator and ordered black Colombian coffee. She suspected she would need a dose of strong caffeine to cope with whatever was coming next. She took a sip of the coffee as she sat down next to Seven.

"Seven?" she inquired with an upraised eyebrow, "What is it? You seem uncharacteristically confused about something?"

"Well, I have a question but I don't want to seem completely uninformed. I have done research but I can't find any reference to a term Lt. Daniels and Ensign Martino used when I told them about my lack of a reaction to an intimate encounter I had with commander Chakotay. I asked them for advice concerning intimacy issues that arose with the commander. I have heard from other crewmembers that they had have had numerous intimate encounters aboard the ship and also that both of them have had at least one rather intimate encounter with the commander and I thought they could give me advice. They began to laugh and called him a term I had not heard before. After they stopped laughing they also said this term would explain why you and the commander did not establish an intimate relationship. I looked up the term in the commanders file but the closest I could come to any reference was that a group of his distant relatives moved to the Bayous of Louisiana and that his grandfather lived there for many years before moving to space but I have failed to find any reference to "CAJUN SHRIMP" in the sexual manuals. Perhaps you could explain this term to me?"

Janeway took a big gulp of coffee. She was definitely going to need caffeine today!

~The End

Title: Cajun Shrimp Orange Nail Polish

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