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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Madness

I know nothing about college basketball (my university had its heyday back in the '90s and I haven't paid attention since graduating) but I decided to throw my $5 into the ring and enter a bracket in the fantasy league tournmanent. At one point I had Vermont winning over Syracuse (sentimentality over practicality) but then my competitive spirit took over and I switched it (J kindly explained to me that the #16 seed, *Vermont, this year), has never ever ever beaten the #1 seed, aka Syracuse). I've chosen Duke to win the whole thing. At one point I had Ohio State playing Duke in the national championship, but I think I've got Syracuse in that spot now. I think conventional wisdom says Kentucky is going to win the whole thing, but I kinda like the idea of Duke.

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Friday, February 19, 2010


I love the Olympics, watch every minute of coverage, and while I LOVE it when Team USA wins, I really love it when ANYONE wins. Which I guess is silly as someone wins every event in the Olympics. What I meant is, I love seeing the reactions on the gold medalist's face when they realize the culmination of a life-long goal. It's awesome. Team USA is my favorite, obviously, but it was so cool to see the Canadian downhill skiier win Canada's first gold on home soil. While I was so pumped to see Evan Lysacek win the men's ice-skating because he clearly had the skate of his life, I was more pumped that trash-talking Yvegeny Plushenko had to take silver.

I definitely prefer winter Olympics to the summer, but the winter Olympics are more painful to watch. The crashes are spectacular, and in some of them, it's amazing these athletes pick themselves up and walk away. In some events, they crash and a few minutes later, they're back on the slopes/ice as if nothing happened to them. I insist on being completely pampered if I have so much as a hangnail, so I'm in awe of this ability to just shrug off these spectacular tumble. I guess that's the difference between Olympians and the rest of us.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The weather is getting cooler here and today I broke out my wool pea coat, my tights, wool skirt and knee-high boots (I had a scarf and gloves too, but that might have been a wee bit overkill). In celebration of the winter season making its debut, I present a video of two of my favorite things: Bollywood and ice-skating.


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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Baseball link today -- unassisted triple play. I'm actually looking for a triple play in which no one touched the ball. It's a question in George Will's most recent column and I just can't think of how on earth this is possible. Any help would be most helpful and welcome.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Perfect sixes

I switched browsers, and thanks to Mozilla/Sea Monkey, I was able to find and actually blog Michelle Kwan's SP from 1998. Really pretty.

And here is the newest ladies' champion -- Mirai Nagasu.

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More pretty

I was looking for video from this weekend's National Figure Skating championships and came across this one from 1998 -- Michelle Kwan's famous Lyra Angelica. I can't remember why I didn't see at the time (I did see her perform it at the Olympics that year), but I was glad to see it now. Just really pretty -- both the LP and the SP*. Commentators, as always, are amusing. Enjoy!

* I'd post the SP but my browser keeps crashing

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