Voyager in Haiku

By Seema

Disclaimer: Paramount, blah, blah, blah.

Author's note: Thanks to Rocky and Jemima for 'syllabic' help. I'd originally meant to Haiku my way all through Voyager's run, but alas, never quite got around to it. Hope you enjoy!



Maquis in Badlands
Voyager to the capture
Hi, Delta Quadrant!

Janeway stays captain
hot leather clad Chakotay
new first officer


Janeway makes a deal
Chakotay tells a story
Yo, Seven of Nine!

Drone prefers the cube
Mama Janeway says no way
Chakotay displaced

(The Gift)
Kes decides to go
Too many blondes on the ship
Home is closer now

(Day of Honor)
B'Elanna's bad day
gets worse when warp core's lost but
ends with 'I love you'

Chakotay crashes
Stranded he plays 'Survivor'
But it's mind control

Paris/Torres smooch
Kim gets copulate offer
Doc takes a field trip

(The Raven)
The Borg return for
little Annika but Kate
needs her baby close

(Scientific Method)
Voyager lab rats
Janeway has a bad headache
P/T smooch some more

(Year of Hell)
The Krenim come back
Janeway attempts to discuss
Krenim say bad time

The ship in bad shape
Tom and Chak as diplomats
Time's up for Krenim

(Random Thoughts)
Torres thinks angry
Tuvok plays Hercule Poirot
What's in the box, Tom?

(Concerning Flight)
Voyager gets mugged
Kate on a scavenger hunt
Leo saves the day

(Mortal Coil)
Neelix not Kim dead
Afterlife apparently
not up to standard

(Waking Moments)
Bad dreams for the crew
Aliens hitchhike but Kate
retakes Voyager

(Message in a Bottle)
Doc heads to AQ
Data stream not quite first class
Cruel revelation

Letters from back home
Janeway gets a 'Dear Kathryn'
Hope for Chakotay?

Meet the Hirogen
Aliens who like to hunt
Bad news for Janeway

Seven is on task
Kovin steals her nanoprobes
ends as barbecue

(The Killing Game)
Uh oh Hirogen
Janeway wears black, Seven sings
Neelix drinks bloodwine

Here comes the Nazis
Tom plays GI Joe but
Harry saves the day

(Vis a Vis)
Who is this Tom Paris?
Body swapper takes advantage
Torres falls for it

(The Omega Directive)
Greek letter shows up
Janeway goes mysterious
Seven knows it all

Chak falls for a blond
but can't remember her at all
Forget this ep too

(Living Witness)
Janeway's the bad guy
Doc has history lesson
from the other side

Tom and Harry's lame
road trip makes double trouble
Another bad one

Stasis tubes for all
Seven gets heebie-jeebies
She wants the crew back

(Hope and Fear)
Notes promise help from Starfleet
Alas, it's a hoax


Boredom settles in
Janeway goes solitary
but plays the martyr

Transporter surprise
Seven and Doc proud parents
Say good bye to one

~ the end

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