Lines in the Sand: Timeline

Compiled by E. Michelle Logan

Saga begins in 100 Days

Twilight: Part I

1. 7 has news - the crew has been making a mistake about the arrival time of the Voy in the A.Q.

2. Foreshadowing between P/T. Watch out T.

3. Switch to T's POV, poor, sad T. :_:

4. Back to P's POV. Predictions of where everyone is going. Tu is mean to N. P realizes he's a different man.

5. T's POV. The angst bunny abounds.

6. P's POV. T wants to go back/stay in the D.Q.

7. T's POV. T has considered sabotaging Voy because she doesn't want to go back to the A.Q. Dr. thinks she is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

8. P's POV. Trouble between P & J. J seems to no longer like P. Oh no.

Twilight: Part II

1. T's POV. She's depressed and trying not to become too excited about returning home.

2. P's POV. P is easily amused. P thinks about his relationship with T. P/T discuss their relationship, talk about getting a house, and how T doesn't think she'll be around in this vision. They decide to get married. ^.^

3. T's POV. They get married. ::sniff sniff::

Twilight: Part III:

1. P's POV. T is worried about the separation of the Maquis and Starfleet once Voy returns to the A.Q.

2. T's POV. She goes to meet C. C tries to reassure her but we all know how T is. ^o^

3. P's POV. He's having breakfast with K. The separation between Maquis and Starfleet is becoming more apparent. T and
the other Maquis plan to leave before getting home.

4. T's POV. C & T meet in the holodeck and talk.

Twilight: Part IV

1. P's POV. Staff meeting. After said meeting, P/T go to T's quarters and talk about T's time as a Borg. P starts to understand T's POV.

2. T's POV. Scene in engineering

3. P's POV. The crew talks to Admiral Rodney McArthur and are told to go to Starbase 87. Last line: 'So we enter the Alpha Quadrant just as we left it: at odds with one each other.'

4. T's POV. T freaks out and then she and P make love in the holodeck. After this occurs, T&C get dressed up as Maquis and leave the Voyager.

Night: Part I:

1. J's POV. J&C talk.

2. C's POV. C&T are being interrogated.

3. J's POV. She's worried about what'll happen to her. She and Tu talk.

4. C's POV. Nicely done part about the Maquis.

5. J's POV. Borgification memories. She decides to help T&C& the other Maquis.

6. C's POV. How C&T met. Why C&T joined the Maquis. C's father was killed by Cardie and Fed. Stuff, T didn't like Starfleet rules.

Night: Part II:

1. J's POV. The Maquis may be held. Memories.

2. C's POV. Memories of J taking C as her first officer.

3. J's POV. J promises to do everything she can to make 7 is treated as individual.

4. C's POV. Seska and T did not get along. Seska had sex w/C. O_O;

Night: Part III:

1. J's POV. J goes to see P&K in the holodeck. Ends with Tu calling J and needing to see her.

2. C's POV. Remembering T coming to tell him about her relationship with P.

3. J's POV. She is allowed to go over to the Stabase to attend the questioning.

4. C's POV. C's first night with J.

5. J's POV. P gets to go w/her onto the station. The Maquis are on trial rather than simply being

Night: Part IV:

1. C's POV. J&C and the issue of trust.

2. J's POV. J, P&Tu meet up with T&C. It sucks to be them.

3. C's POV. Remembering the Equinox and how J was during it.

4. J's POV, I'm sure. I'll check to be sure, but I'm already sure. If found guilty, C&T and the other
Maquis will be sent to Alonius Prime. J is offered command of the Dauntless in exchange for being quiet
about the fate of her Maquis crew members. Adm. P arrives.

5. C's POV. ~ Hirogen memories. J breaks the Prime Directive. :::sniffle::: She's becoming more like Picard everyday.

6. J's POV. Yay! It's Adm. P! C is a fish. ^.~ Since they couldn't have Eddington, now they have him. Promises were made by Starfleet. Said promises were not kept <= border planets on the DMZ were not protected as promised. ' The officers who made
these promises in the name of Starfleet did so for there own profit. Only a few people knew their names, C is one of them and thus how he is being treated. Adm. P intends to help. He gives J some PADDs to read.

Night: Part V:

1. C's POV. Memories of the first encounter w/the Borg. :::Dramatic swell in the music:::

2. J's POV. Tu, K, 7, P, & J go over the PADDs. J&P talk.

3. C's POV. The starbase is going to explode. Run away! Run away!

The Darkest Hour: Part I:

1. P's POV. The starbase is exploding. Voy does not have warp engines. Oh dear. Voy gets away and
they're ordered to go to DS9, or possibly Starbase 91. It's a bit confusing as to which they're heading for. They're trying to figure what the heck is going on.

2. T's POV. Memories of dear, old dad. They're at Alonius Prime.

3. P's POV. P misses his darling. He goes to her quarters and finds that she left him a letter. How
sweet. :::sniffle:::

The Darkest Hour: Part II:

1. T's POV. T&C arrive on Alonius. They're basically free to do as they will except for leave.

2. P's POV. Staff meeting. They talk about the formation of the Maquis and the general weirdness they've been seeing and receiving since they arrived in the A.Q. P&K are ordered to engineer a solution to getting to DS9 slower.

3. T's POV. Reunion with old friends.

The Darkest Hour: Part III:

1. P's POV. The crew speculates that the destruction of Starbase 87 was not an accident.

2. T's POV. She and C talk. They technobabble about making an attempt at communicating with the outside universe.

3. P's POV. K&P disable Voy. P finds out his dad is dead.

The Darkest Hour: Part IV:

1. T's POV. T misses P. :::sniffle:::

2. P's POV. P angsts for his father and K offers support. Nicely done scene.

3. T's POV. She misses P, but she knows that he loves her.

The Darkest Hour: Part V:

1. P's POV. 7 likes explosions. Gee, I wonder where that came from. [;)] Apparently the undead have
invaded the Star Trek universe. Sounds like something from the blog wars because the man who
gave the orders to evacuate T&C is not alive.

2. T's POV. Meanwhile, back at Alonius Prime, T and Jessup head out to send a message to Voy.

The Darkest Hour: Part VI:

1. P's POV. J, P, and Tu take the Delta Flyer to go find C&T and co. K is left in charge. Murder becomes
a possibility of what happened to T&C and co.

2. T's POV. ' T remembers a raid. Jessup helps her make a few realizations about being a Borg
and being a Maquis. "You can't choose to have a conscience after the fact."

3. P's POV. How he got into the Maquis.

The Darkest Hour: Part VII:

1. T's POV. She breaks her ankle. She sends a Morse code out for K&P to find. She's left alone and
is scared.

2. P's POV. He remembers his first experience where C trusted him. The Maquis had been found out by Starfleet and it was time for them to move.

The Darkest Hour: Part VIII:

1. T's POV. T hallucinates P.

2. P's POV. K receives the message from T and tells J, Tu, & P. 7 has news: Adm. P is responsible for the
message originally from the dead man. P gets his father's messages. J gets messages from Adm. McArthur.

3. T's POV. T visits gre'thor. This is not a Good Thing.

4. P's POV. They land on Alonius Prime and reunite with C. T is sick.

Dawn: Part I:

1. J's POV. Tu & Jessup go to download the EMH to Alonius Prime to help with T. C knows who the guilty
Starfleet members are.

Dawn: Part II:

1. P's POV. P receives a visit from the angst bunny. He remembers his father and T. He doesn't want to lose her. P agrees with J for the first time in months. T is dying.

2. J's POV. C doesn't want to leave Alonius. C is going to tell J about the guilty Starfleet members. 3. P's POV. P and Jessup talk. T has the Ghasa virus and things look bad for her.

Dawn: Part III:

1. J's POV. McArthur may be responsible for all that has happened of late. He wasn't directly involved in what happened to C's home planet and others, but he hates the Maquis because his son died in a scuffle with them. The plot thickens: McArthur was waiting for Adm. P.

2. P's POV. P remembers more Maquis related things, his surrendering, etc. Jessup accuses P of killing
his sister because he surrendered and didn't get her off of the planet she was on before the Cardies came.

Dawn: Part IV:

1. J's POV. She remembers her time as an ensign under Adm. P.

2. P's POV. T's awake! She's not dead yet! Three cheers and a donkey for her! Nice ending to
this part.

Dawn: Part V:

1. J's POV. Memories of Mark and how they met. J loves C.

2. P's POV. J turns down her command on the Dauntless. J & co. are going to San Francisco. C and
the other Maquis are not.

3. J's POV. P hears the news of his dad. He and J face off. P decides to go talk to his mother about
his father. C is involved too. C&J talk too. It's sad.

Dawn: Part VI:

1. P's POV. T feels better. P fills her in on what's going on.

2. J's POV. She loves her ship. She receives a message from Adm. McArthur. Starfleet knows she went
to Alonius Prime. J is sending the info 7 found to McArthur. She is also being asked to resign or accept
a demotion.

Dawn: Part VII:

1. P's POV. P listens to his father's logs.

2. J's POV. They are not in the mirror universe. J talks to N and comes to the realization that she is tired of Starfleet.

3. P's POV. More listening to logs. It was Adm. P who suggested Voy go to Starbase 87. But Security
quickly logged the it as a threat.' I suppose I would log one of Stephen King's creations as a threat
too. Adm. P suggested using the Ghasa virus against the Maquis. He also planned his own death. P
inherits land on Dorvan IV. Adm. P was one of the responsible members of Starfleet for what happened to
C & co.

Dawn: Part VIII:

1. J's POV. J remembers Mark. J remembers an argument with C. Poor J.

2. P's POV. He finishes his father's logs. K comes and asks him to help 7 write a letter. K&P go to the holodeck.

Dawn: Part IX:

1. J's POV. She remembers C and her non-relationship with the rest of the crew.

2. P's POV. 7 asks for help with a letter. K shows P & 7 where he almost proposed to Libby. They have
arrived at Earth. 7's letter has to wait.

3. J's POV. Voy lands. Tu is going to help J if things go poorly for her. Starfleet requests permission to board and seeks J's immediate surrender of her captaincy.

Saga continued in: A Fugue in Blue Minor, Interlude, and The Solitary

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