Glory Days Timeline

It's impossible to write something this long and complex without a clear idea of what's going on and when it's happening. When we initially started writing, we had no idea that Glory Days would become a 15-series story spanning several years. As we reached the mid-point of the series, we decided it was time for to create a written timeline and character arc. For those of you interested, the timeline we followed with major events documented, is as follows. Please note, this contains major spoilers for the series, so if you don't want to know, please go back now.

Dates for this timeline were calculated using the tool found here. Canon return for Voyager to the AQ was in December of 2377, not June of 2378. All stardates were calculated based on the canon, not fanon return of Voyager.



Voyager returns home Thu, 22 Dec 2377 (stardate: 54973)


Harry promoted to lieutenant (Jan 2378 )
Janeway promoted to admiral (Jul 2378)
Tuvok resigns from Starfleet to remain on Vulcan (Jul 2378)
B'Elanna accepts position at Starfleet Corps of Engineers (Jul 2378)
Tom turns down position in regular Starfleet (Sep 2378)
Tom accepts the position at Top Gun school (Oct 2378)
Doctor accepts position at Starfleet Medical (Oct 2378)

One Year Anniversary Reception (Dec 2378) (stardate: 55972.6)


Chakotay embarks on 1st archaeology expedition (Jan 2380)


1. "Do The Walls Come Down" - 4 years after the return home (Jun 2381)

Tom changes jobs to be closer to home - (06 Sep 2381)

Joey Paris born - 4 months after "Walls" (Oct 2381)

Chakotay's expedition on Vega V - (Nov 2381)

Harry's assignment to the Livingston and promotion to Lieutenant Commander (Nov 2381)


B'Elanna attends scientific conference - (Jun 2382)

2. "Fire And Rain" - 1 year after "Walls" (Jul 2382)

Seven accepts MIT offer and relocates to Boston/Cambridge (Jul 2382)

Beginning of the Ponzi raids - (Jul 2382)

Tom leaves for scientific conference - (Aug 2382)

B'Elanna begins working on the Mars/Minuteman project (Sep 2382)

3. "Latitude" - a few months (3?) after "Fire And Rain" (Sep 2382)

Chakotay joins Seven in Boston (Oct 2382)

4. "Glory Days" - 1 week after "Latitude" (Oct 2382)

5. "Life In The Fast Lane" - 2 months after "Glory Days" (Dec 2382)


Janeway's purchase of the house in Monterrey (Jan 2383)

6. "Hero" - 1 month after "LITFL" (Feb 2383)

Tom attends flight training school on Riga (Apr 2383)

7. "The Sweetest Days" - 2 months after "Hero" (Apr 2383)

8. "Act of War" - 3 months after "Sweetest Days" (Jul 2383)

Harry killed, B'Elanna & Janeway wounded

9. "Empty Sky" (Jul 2383)

Wounded Janeway transferred to hospital facilities on Vulcan after the Minuteman battle (Jul 2383)

10. "Stand By Me" - 2 weeks after "Act of War" (Jul 2383 )

Janeway returns to Earth to convalesce.

11. "Rocketman" - 8 days after "Empty Sky" (Jul 2383)

Seven summons Chakotay to Boston

Harry's funeral, Janeway speaks. (August 2383)

The Doctor neglects to tell Seven for several weeks as to what has happened. Seven does not pass information on to Chakotay.

12. "In a Thousand Miles" - A few weeks after "Rocketman." (September 2383)

Chakotay is in San Francisco and leaves for Boston

13. "Heart Of The Matter" - the day after "In a Thousand Miles" (September 2383)

Chakotay leaves for Betazed dig - (October 2383)

Seven goes to Betazed to visit Chakotay - (Dec 2383)
Seven calls B'Elanna - (Dec 2383)

14. "So Many Things" - (December 2383)

Seven returns to Earth and stops to see Janeway.


15. "Home" - 6 months after "So Many Things" (August 2384)

Chakotay is in San Francisco to present a paper with his latest findings. He stops to see Janeway.

16. "Right in Front of You" - (December 2384)

P/T return to Qo'Nos to visit B'Elanna's family. Series epilogue.

Seven and Ethan are together in Boston
Janeway decides to take a leave of absence from Starfleet to become a part of Chakotay's expedition on Betazed
he Doctor gets a name (?) <g>

17. Coming Around Again (sometime in late 2384)

Two months after arriving on Betazed, Janeway decides to extend her absence

* Total time span: December 2377- December 2384 - 7 years

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