'Til Somebody Loves YOu

By Seema

As usual, all the characters and places belong to the powers that be at Paramount. This story takes place just before "His Way" and is based on some of the crew's reactions to the Odo\Kira pairing. This story was written under the influence of Loreena McKennitt's "The Book of Secrets" - which has absolutely nothing to do with anything except that it's a good CD to write to. By the way, I don't remember all the dialogue precisely from "His Way," so I'm relying on my somewhat faulty memory for one or two scenes. This story is dedicated to all those who love in secret.

Written sometime in spring of 1998, shortly after "His Way" aired. Fits together with "Someone to Watch Over Me." Amazingly, after "Tears of the Prophets," this was the episode I wrote most about. Go figure. (11/13/00)


"A penny for your thoughts, doctor," Dax slid into the seat opposite the pensive Bashir. For a moment, Julian Bashir did not possess that rakish, smug expression he had been wearing lately. Dax tapped her long fingers against Bashir's mug, trying to get the young man's attention.

"I'm sorry, Jadzia," Julian apologized. "I've been doing some thinking."

"That I got," the Commander replied with a smile. "Though, I wouldn't exactly say that Quark's is the place to do
most of your deep thinking."

"It's not exactly deep thinking, Commander."

"Oh?" Dax asked, immediately intrigued.

"In fact," Bashir leaned forward conspiratorially. "You would be a perfect partner in crime."

"But first things first, because I commit to doing anything," Dax said. "You have to tell me what it is."

"Do you see Odo over there?"

Dax turned around to see the station's chief of security standing alone in a corner, watching those in the bar.
Dax turned back to face the doctor.

"Yes? What about him?"

"And do you see Major Kira?" the doctor pointed.

Dax saw the major sitting by herself at a table, eyes fixed on a PADD and hand curled around a steaming mug of raktijino.

"I was thinking, that maybe it was time for Odo to come clean with the major."

"What do you mean?"

"Dax, you haven't noticed? Odo's in love with Kira. He even told her on Gaia."

"I didn't know," Dax said, feeling slightly injured. She was Kira's closest friend on the station and she couldn't believe that Nerys would leave out such vital information.

"Do you think she loves him back?" Bashir asked.

"I don't know."

"But Odo certainly loves her. So, I was thinking, maybe in the right setting, with the right atmosphere and the right push, we just might get Odo to tell her how he feels again."

"Oh, I don't know, Julian."

"Jadzia, when did you ever block the path to true love?"

"You're right," Dax sighed. "I'm a sucker for a good romance."

"Then you will help me?"

"I'm assuming you have an idea."

"None whatsoever. That's what I was trying to think of when you sat down," Bashir said.

Dax laughed and rose from her seat, "Then don't let me keep you from your brainstorming."

"But you will help?" the doctor asked.

Dax leaned forward, her breath warm on his cheek, "In all matters concerning love, you know I'm a willing participant."

Then with a little laugh, she was gone, leaving Bashir alone to scheme.


"You are doing what?" Worf asked, as Dax came around to rest her chin on his shoulder.

"No need to be so loud. I'm right here behind you," she answered. "First tell me about your day."

"No," Worf twisted around. "Come sit next to me and tell me again what you and Doctor Bashir are planning."

"Well, we're not really planning anything," Dax said, obeying Worf's command. "It's just an idea Julian has."

Worf settled his arm around her shoulders and Dax leaned her head on him.

"You know I don't approve of you interfering in others' lives," he said sternly.

"Worf, Odo loves Kira. He's just too shy to say so!"

"What happens if Kira doesn't love Odo? You could ruin their friendship."

"Perhaps. But that's a chance we will have to take. Love means taking a chance, even if you aren't sure of the outcome."

"I do not like the uncertainty of what you are trying to do."

Dax put her hands on Worf's cheeks and turned his face towards her, "I took a chance on you, didn't I? And look how it turned out."


"You're up early," Kira said as Dax joined the major for breakfast.

"Yes, well, had some trouble sleeping," Dax said, trying to stifle a yawn. "Worf had to leave to do some things on the Defiant and I always have the hardest time sleeping when he isn't around."

"You know, sometimes I envy the relationship you have with Worf," Kira confessed.

"You do?" Dax made a face as she took a sip of her coffee. "Ugh, this is awful." She pushed the cup away.

"I know that some people didn't think you two would last but when I look at you and Worf, I see a relationship that really works. You know what I mean?"

"In what way?"

"The way he looks at you, the way you look at him. The way you can depend on each other, through the good times and the bad. I just wish I had that in my life."

"Well, you could, you know?"

"Trust me, Jadzia, it's not working that way with Shakaar."

"I wasn't thinking of Shakaar."


Dax leaned forward, "You have been seeing Shakaar for how long now? Five years? If it isn't there, if he isn't in your heart, then you have to let him go."

"Was that how it was with you and Worf?"

Dax smiled, "I think with Worf, it was a little more difficult."

"To know how you felt?"

"No," Dax laughed. "I knew how I felt. He was the one I wasn't sure of."

"Then… how?"

"I just made him an offer he couldn't refuse," Dax smiled. "From the moment I saw him, I knew I loved him. It was just a matter of time and when the opportunity presented itself, I took it. And that's what you have to do, Nerys. Seize the opportunity if you know it's what your heart wants."

"I don't know what I want."

"I think you do," Dax said in a low voice. "Now you just know need to do something about it. Otherwise, you're always going to wonder."


"I think you know who I mean," Dax said. She rose and patted Kira gently on the shoulder. "Don't worry. I'm sure it will work out for the best."


"Hello, Odo," Bashir swung himself onto the barstool closest to the changeling. Odo grunted an answer.

"Awfully chipper today, aren't you?' the doctor queried.


"I'm talking about your mood, Odo… sarcastically. You are putting a cloud over this fine establishment."

"I would not characterize Quark's as `fine,' doctor."

"Still, Constable, you are sitting here, looking as if you've lost your best friend."

"Are you through analyzing me yet, doctor?"

"No, I was just thinking that maybe, maybe you were lonely."

"Lonely?" the changeling laughed bitterly. "On a station full of people? Here are Quark's? Really, doctor, you are being just a little ridiculous."

"I don't think so," Bashir said energetically. "It is possible to be alone in a room full of people and I bet you feel that loneliness sometimes. In fact, I think you come to Quark's for the social interaction."

"I come to Quark's to keep an eye on the place," Odo said, scanning the bar ominously. "I have no time socializing."

"Nonsense, Odo. In fact, I've noticed that you like to keep company with a certain Bajoran major."

"Major Kira and I are good friends. We have known each other for a long time."

"And I'm sure friendship is all you feel for Kira," Bashir finished off his drink with a gulp. He pushed the cup away. "Well, Odo, thanks for the company. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some tests to run."

Odo stared after the doctor in bafflement and then shook his head; he would never understand humans.


"Progress?" Dax asked the doctor the next morning. She had stopped by the infirmary for a routine check-up and to catch up on gossip.

"It doesn't look good," the doctor admitted glumly as he ran the tricorder up and down.

"I hope all those beeps mean I'm in good health."

"You're in terrific health, Jadzia."

"It's good to hear," Dax slid off the biobed. "I had breakfast with Kira yesterday. I dropped a few hints but I don't know if she took them."

"I shared a drink with Odo and did the same thing. I know he didn't take the hint."

"Well, we're dealing with two very stubborn people," Dax said thoughtfully. "It might take more than a subtle hint or two."

"That I already knew, Commander."

"Odo's shy. That's the problem."

"Major Kira isn't shy."

"You're right," Dax said. "But I don't think Kira would go after Odo. I think Odo would have to go after her."

"It's not like that anymore, Jadzia. Men don't need to ask the woman out anymore."

"You think I don't know that?" Dax smiled. "No, but in this situation, with Shakaar still hanging around the sidelines, I think it might take Odo to jostle Kira out of that comfortable position she has being Shakaar's sometime girlfriend."

"We just need to get Odo to say something. Something that would get Kira's attention."

"And that," Dax said with a smile, "could be interesting."


"Don't you want to hear the latest, Worf?" Dax asked later that night. Worf was already in bed, reading off of a PADD. Dax watched him in the reflection of her mirror as she brushed her hair.

"The latest gossip, Jadzia?"

"Of course. Is there any other kind?" she put down her brush and turned to face him. Worf smiled at her for a moment, admiring the glow of the light reflecting in her silky hair. He held out a hand and she rose from her seat and took his hand.

"I suppose I could listen for a moment or two," Worf said, as he shifted over to make room for her.

"Well," Dax said, resting her head on his chest. Worf's fingers automatically made their way into her hair. "First of all, you'll be pleased to hear I passed my physical this morning."

"That is excellent news."

"And Kassidy Yates is back on the station, so I doubt we'll be seeing much of Benjamin around."

"Anything else?"

Dax lifted her head to look at Worf, "If I didn't know you better, I would think you didn't want to listen to all the station gossip."

"I do not understand your need to interfere in other people's lives."

"It's not interfering, Worf. It's the dissemenation of information vital for social interaction."

"Well, if it's that important," Worf shifted his position. "Continue then."

"As for Odo and Kira, we have made no progress. Do you have any ideas?"

"You know how I feel about the situation."

"Come on, Worf," Jadzia whispered into his ear. "Please?"

"Odo is shy."

"That we have ascertained already."

"He needs someone to tell him what to do. How to act around a woman he cares about."

"Is there a book we can strategically place in his quarters?" Dax asked in amusement. "And who would tell him, Worf? This is supposed to be subtle!"

"You asked my opinion," Worf growled.

"You're right," she wrapped her arms around him to give him a hug. "I did and it's a good idea. We just need to come up with someone who can give Odo the advice he needs."


"It would never work," O'Brien said, aiming a dart carefully.

"Who is winning and what won't work?" Dax asked from behind the Irishman.

"Julian's idea and he's winning, of course. I think genetically engineered people have better aim," the chief

"Of course I do," Bashir answered. "I have better reflexes too, Chief."

"What's Julian's idea?" Dax asked, feigning ignorance.

"He wants to tell Odo to ask Kira out," O'Brien said. "It won't work. Odo will get all defensive and it will come out all wrong if he does indeed ask the major out."

"Do you think she will go?" Dax asked curiously.

"Of course she will!" Bashir chimed in. "She cares for him."

"As a friend," Quark burst into the conversation.

"Does everyone know, Julian?" Dax asked.

"It's a small station," the doctor replied uneasily.

"Good grief," Dax said. She placed her palm on her forehead. "This isn't good. All we need is Kira or Odo to hear wind of our plans and all is lost."

"I thought the direct approach may work," Bashir said.

"Worf had an idea which I think might work," Dax said. "He thinks someone should teach Odo how to act around women."

"That might work," O'Brien said. "Hey, I really like that."

"And who would you suggest?" Quark asked cynically. "Romeo here?"

Bashir looked injured, "Quark!"

"That's too obvious," Dax said. "We don't want Odo to feel manipulated. In fact, we want to make him think the whole idea was his."

"Well, is there a counselor or someone who could drop the hints appropriately?" O'Brien queried.

"Actually, I was thinking of something a little less concrete," Dax said with a smile.

"What?" Bashir asked.

"A holo program," Dax said. "I haven't worked out the details, but if somehow we could get Kira and Odo in a setting that is romantic, something might come out of it."

"I like it," O'Brien said.

"Me too," Quark chimed in. Bashir considered for a moment.

"Sounds good to me to," the doctor said slowly. "But it can't be too obvious."

"That, my dear doctor, I leave to you," Dax smiled. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some things to attend to."

"I love that woman," Quark said dreamily. "I used to have this fantasy…"

"Oh shut up, Quark," Bashir said, irritably. He had no desire to know of any fantasies Quark may have had - or still might have.

O'Brien took aim and his dart hit the board with resounding thud.

"Bullseye, doctor," O'Brien said with satisfaction. "Your move."


Bashir sat up in bed, excitement running through his body. He thought for a long moment and then nearly flew out of bed. In his haste, he missed a button on his tunic and he didn't notice that he was wearing two different shoes. He headed out of his quarters, and down the hall to Worf and Jadzia's quarters.

It took several minutes before Worf opened the door and Bashir suddenly was aware of the time.

"I'm sorry for waking you, Commander," Bashir said. "But I must speak with Dax."

"Is something wrong?" Worf asked.

"No. I just got this absolutely brilliant idea," Bashir said. "It's important."

"One minute," Worf said. He disappeared into the bedroom. Bashir could hear some mumbling, but nothing that he could make out. He wandered around the quarters, noting the little touches Dax and Worf had add to make their quarters truly homelike. He picked up a Trill sculpture and ran his fingers around the smooth black stone object.

"Julian," Dax emerged, hair rumpled and sleep in her eyes and still in the process of tying her robe on. "That I got from my last visit home."

"It's beautiful."

"Thank you. Julian, it's a little late, isn't it?" the Trill asked, plopping herself down on the sofa. Bashir replaced the sculpture, feeling suddenly self-conscious.

"I have an idea how we can get Odo to tell Kira," Bashir said, seating himself opposite Dax. "A friend of mine back on earth has this holo program based on the lounge singers who used to entertain back in Las Vegas. It would be perfect."

"You want a lounge singer to tell Odo what to do?" Dax asked wearily.

"Why not?" Bashir asked. "It could be very romantic. My friend said that she got engaged because of the program."

"Well, with a ringing endorsement like that, how can I say no?" Dax said. "Sure. See if you can't get a copy and we can modify it appropriately."

"Good," Bashir said. He rose, "I will see you in the morning then."

"All right," Dax walked the doctor to the door. "Next time, Julian, please wait until morning when you have a great idea."

For the first time, the doctor noticed the teeth marks on Dax's neck and he blushed.

"Hint taken. Good night, Commander."

"Good night, Julian."


"Isn't it great?" Bashir asked excitedly. Dax nodded, her attention focused wholly on the lounge singer.

"Vic Fontaine, you say his name is?" she asked.

"Yes. Doesn't he sing well?" Bashir queried.

"He just might work. And look, he has such a way with the ladies. We should really have the whole crew up to watch him sing. That way it won't be so obvious what we're trying to do."

"How about tonight? I think O'Brien and I can make the necessary modifications this afternoon. Odo won't know what hit him."

"Sounds great. I'll tell everyone to meet us here."

"Good," Dax looked at the hologram singer. "Just make sure he knows what to do."

"Don't worry about, Jadzia," Julian assured her. "He will."


"Come on, Odo, it will be fun," Bashir said. "Everyone will be there. Kira will be there."

"I don't have fun in holodecks. Holodecks are…" Odo trailed off as he watched two scantily clad people disappear into a holodeck. "Holodecks are frivolous."

"This is different, Odo," Dax put in. "It will be fun. Julian has this new program and the music is just fabulous. Come on. Even Worf has agreed to come."

Odo considered, "Will it be long?"

"No," Dax said. "Just an hour or two. You'll enjoy it. Trust us."

"I hope this isn't a waste of time," Odo said.

Dax and Bashir eyed each other with anxiety. They would have to get Odo to loosen up in order for their plan to work.


The singer's set was ending with an old earth standard, "You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You."

Dax swayed slightly to the music as she leaned against Worf. This was truly great and even if the plan didn't work, she certainly was having a wonderful time. After the song was over, Vic Fontaine made his way over to the senior staff.

"That was wonderful," Bashir said enthusiastically.

"Thank you," the singer answered. He eyed the assembled group and his eye fell immediately on Dax and Worf.

"How long have you two kids been married?" he asked casually. Dax drew in her breath as Worf answered,
"How did you know we were married?"

"When you've been around as long as I've been, you learn about the human heart," the singer answered.
O'Brien drew Fontaine's attention next.

"Just because you miss your wife doesn't mean you can't look," the singer said consolingly. O'Brien, much to the crew's amusement, immediately perked up. Fontaine then looked at Kira and Odo.

"As for you two… never mind," the singer dismissed them with a wave.

"What do you mean?" Odo asked curiously, but the singer had moved on.

"He's awfully perceptive," Dax said as the group trooped down the stairs into Quark's.

"I loved it," Kira said. "We should do it again."

"How about tomorrow night?" the doctor asked.

"We'll be there, right?" Dax asked, linking her arm with Worf's.

"I prefer Klingon opera," he said grumpily. Dax squeezed his arm tighter.

"We'll be there," she said with a smile.

Later, Odo approached Bashir and O'Brien. Aware of Odo's presence, Bashir said to O'Brien, "Vic helped me get that date with Ensign Walker. He really knows how to charm a lady."

"Does he?" Odo asked suspiciously.

"Yes," Bashir swung around. "For a hologram he's very perceptive. He even taught me a thing or two about
women. Trust me, he's great."

"Hmmm," Odo said and then he turned and walked away. O'Brien glanced sideways at Bashir.

"You think he took the bait?" he asked.

"I don't know. We'll have to see," Bashir said.


Three days later, Dax burst into the infirmary.

"Odo just kissed Kira in the middle of the Promenade! It was great!" Dax said enthusiastically. "Right there, in front of everyone!"

Bashir smiled and rubbed his hands together.

"We were right then," he said with satisfaction.

"We were more than right," Dax answered enthusiastically. "Vic Fontaine was the perfect solution. In fact, I think I might use his advice."


"The setting is romantic," Dax said. "And I know Worf has a romantic side to him, a softer and gentler side. And
Vic is the right person to bring it out."

"Well, then. I wish you all the luck with the program."

"Thanks," Dax said. She turned to leave and on her way, "By the way, Julian, we can't tell Odo and Kira that we got this program on purpose. Let them think that Vic Fontaine was an especially perceptive hologram."

Bashir nodded, "I agree. Though, it was a pretty good piece of work on your and O'Brien's part. It's too bad we can't share the credit."

"Setting true love on it's proper course is all the credit I need," Dax said. With a flutter of her hand, Dax left the infirmary. Bashir focused on his work, but then with a sigh, he put it away. He needed to pay the singer a visit.

~The End~

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