A Quiet Evening at Home

By Seema

As usual, the characters belong to the powers that be at Paramount. I'm not trying to make any money off of this story... I'm just having fun!

This story is set sometime during the sixth season after "You're Cordially Invited..." It was actually my first attempt at fanfic. I haven't made any changes since the initial draft back in '97, but I think this one still works on some level. I hope you enjoy the story that sparked an almost obsessive need to write more fanfic.

~ * ~

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax moved across Ops, thankful that her shift was finally over. It had been one of those days, when everything that could possibly go wrong did actually go wrong. Murphy's law, Captain Sisko told Dax.

"It's an old earth saying," Sisko had said earlier when the optronic relays had failed, bringing a cursing Irishman to the command center of the space station.

"It's a rather pessimistic way to look at the world," Dax had remarked. "And I recall most humans as being fairly optimistic."

Sisko had laughed, "But there are times like this when your glass is half-empty, instead of half-full."

At Dax's puzzled look, Sisko had laughed again and moved on to talk to Major Kira, who was beckoning at him eagerly.

Now, Dax felt enormous relief as she stepped onto the turbo lift. There was a star going nova just ten light years away and a ion storm brewing just beyond that, but Dax didn't care. Her feet hurt and she really could use a long soak in the tub.

At her quarter, Dax changed out of her uniform and into a pair of black leggings and a long black tunic. She freed her hair from the constraints of the silver clip and slipped her feet into soft slippers, which Worf had brought her back from Risa.

"Computer, locate Commander Worf please," Dax asked, suddenly realizing that Worf's shift had ended several hours before hers.

"Lieutenant Commander Worf is in Holodeck Three," the computer replied.

"All right," Dax said. She pondered briefly going to find her husband but then decided against it. She simply was too tired and besides, she had the urge to cook and God knew, Worf could certainly use a home-cooked meal after weeks and weeks of replicated food. Though, she had to give him credit - he never did complain.

Dax moved about the tiny kitchen, humming softly. The doors slid open and Dax turned slightly.

"Hello there," she said over her shoulder.

Worf, still in his uniform, smiled at her.

"You're cooking," he said, surprised.

"I felt the need to," she explained. "How was the Holodeck?"


"What were you doing?"

"Oh, it was just a place I remember from my childhood, back on Gault."

"Ah," Dax said. "You certainly look relaxed. You wouldn't believe the crazy day we had after you left. The optronic relays went down and Chief O'Brien was swearing like you wouldn't believe. Then the Bajorans were upset about some new docking procedure, which I believe you implemented last week."

"It's a good procedure," Worf said.

"I didn't say it wasn't, I'm just telling you what happened."

"Hmmm," Worf grunted.

"Now, go, change out of your uniform. I'm uncomfortable just looking at you."

Dax set the table, pleased with herself. She felt more energized now, just by doing something she enjoyed.

"Smells good," Worf said, coming up behind her. He leaned over her shoulder, brushing away her long hair and planting a soft kiss on her neck. She giggled and turned around and kissed him back on the lips. For a moment, she felt completely safe, locked in that big, strong embrace. Then she broke away.

"Come," she said. "Let's eat."

After dinner, Worf offered to clean up, saying, "You need to rest."

"Sounds good to me," Dax said, feeling the fatigue seep through her muscles. She curled up on the couch, tucking her legs beneath her, and watched Worf. She knew that people on the station speculated about the state of their marriage, but she never doubted how much she loved Worf or how much he loved her. Their constant bickering was just how they were and her weaknesses were his strengths and vice versa. She recalled a conversation she had had with Worf so long when he had remarked, "I can tell our lives together will not be easy."

She had laughed at him at the time, saying "But it will be fun."

So far, she hadn't be wrong.

Worf came and sat down next to her, and she snuggled up against his chest.

"What time do you have to work tomorrow?" he asked quietly.

"Early. Don't worry, I'll make breakfast," she laughed.

"I was thinking you might want to make it now, so you can sleep more tomorrow."

She smiled, wrapping her arms around him, thankful that he was so considerate.

"No, it's fine. I'll just replicate something."

"After that dinner you cooked today, I don't know if I could eat from the replicator again." "I hate to break it to you, Commander, but that was a once a month treat."

His lips brushed her forehead, "I cannot entice you to do it more often?"

"Maybe," she teased, just moving out of his reach. "Depends on the type of persuasion." "Let me try," Worf offered, pulling her back. She snuggled back against his chest, stretching her long legs the full length of the sofa.

"I could stay like this forever," she told him.

"That would not be wise."

"No, it wouldn't be, but it feels really good. I don't remember when we had a moment like this to ourselves."

"You're right. We haven't had much time."

"A little thing called the war keeps getting in the way. If you aren't off with General Martok, then I'm on the Defiant. The whole war is damned inconvenient."


"I know," she grinned. "I didn't mean to complain, but it is true."

At that moment the computer chirped alive.

"Sisko to Worf."

Worf sighed, "Worf here."

"Commander, prepare the Defiant for departure. Something is coming through the wormhole."

"Yes, sir."

Dax shifted her position, allowing Worf to move.

"I told you so," she said quietly. He didn't look at her.

"We can't help these things, Jadzia. We knew that."

"I know, but it's still a nuisance."

He went into the bedroom and returned, clad in his uniform. He held out his sash to Dax and she took it and put it on him. Then she kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Come home soon," she told him. He squeezed her hand.

"I will try," he replied.

The doors closed behind him and Jadzia returned to the sofa, still warm from Worf's body. She looked out at the stars for a long time and then she fell asleep on the sofa.

~The End~

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