Five Reasons Why Addison Doesn't Hate Meredith

By Seema

Author's note: Written for Jugrox91 for the Five Things meme challenge
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1. Addison says Izzie might be the best she's seen, but there's something about Meredith -- her quickness, her ability intuitively and immediately understand difficult cases, her compassionate but professional bedside manner -- that impresses Addison. Addison likes to think under different circumstances, she and Meredith could be friends.

2. Addison's been on her feet for hours, three surgeries one right after another, and her back is aching, and her eyes are blurry with fatigue. But before she can think about going home, there are still a couple of charts to review and update. As she walks towards the nurses' station, Addison thinks, "Only five more minutes, and then I can sit down." Halfway there, she feels a gentle tap on her forearm.

"Meredith," Addison says.

"Here are the charts for Tiphareth Saldana and Sarah Delaney," Meredith says. "I just checked in on them and updated their charts."

Addison stops. "You didn't have to do that."

Meredith offers her a slight smile. "I knew you were busy today and it'd be late before you'd get to these. I had a few minutes."

"Thanks," Addison says. "I appreciate it." The charts feel heavy in her hands as she watches Meredith walk away.

3. Addison is a firm believer in the Sun-Tzu school of warfare: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

4. "Why didn't you tell her?" Addison asks one night. Derek's sitting on the edge of the porch, drinking a beer. He doesn't offer her a sip.

"Ask who what?" Derek says. He sounds startled, as if he's just realized Addison's there with him. She hates that after eleven years of marriage, he's surprised she's still there.

"Meredith. Why didn't you tell her about me?"

"There never seemed to be a good time."

"So you lied to her."

"Not really. I was going to tell her eventually."


"For all intents and purposes, we were done." Derek turns to face Addison. "Why are you bringing this up now?"

Addison shrugs. "I'd like to blame her for the mess you and I are in now, but that doesn't seem quite fair, does it? Especially since she didn't know." Addison stands up. It's cold out here and she doesn't see the point in braving the chill for someone who doesn't even seem to see her. "And Meredith's a hell of a lot more forgiving than I would be." Addison pauses, her hand on the door to the trailer. "I find her ability to forgive and forget, while mystifying, strangely admirable."

5. Addison knows what it's like to be in love with someone you can't have. She understands what it's like to fantasize about happy endings that in all likelihood might never happen because even though she's married to Derek, lately she's not sure they'll see their twelfth anniversary. When she sees Meredith Grey looking at Derek, Addison is very aware that their places could very well be reversed. She could never hate a reflection of herself.

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